Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Signs of a Benevolent Universe

I’m really not interested in talking about whether God exists or not. And certainly not interested in which version of God is the “correct” one. But I am constantly on the lookout for signs that there is some benevolence in the universe, that another world exists behind this tangible, physical one, that unseen presences, be they ancestors or angels, are by our side if we would but pay attention to the signs. Today I received a sign. 


It began yesterday, when I finished my latest 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Except that I only finished 999 pieces and the final piece was nowhere to be seen. Aargh! I’ve been through this before and usually, it eventually appears. But having scoured every inch of the floor within ten feet of my puzzle place, it seemed to have mysteriously vanished. 


My daughter, a fellow puzzle enthusiast, came over for dinner last night and I shared my woes with her. She claimed that sometimes puzzle pieces stick to articles of clothing. I have high respect for my daughter’s intelligence and pay attention to her point of view, but this seemed a bit far-fetched. 


And then. This morning I sat my morning meditation as I do and with the house a little chilly, I wore a sweater. After I sat, I did my ritual three bows and turned around to re-fluff the meditation cushion and lo and behold, there was the puzzle piece!!!!! Astonishing!!! I guess it had stuck to my sweater somehow and dropped off. 


Two takeaways:


• The universe is benevolent.


• Listen to your daughter.  

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