Sunday, January 16, 2022

The Virtue of Snacking

Sometimes snacking is as satisfying as cooking a full-blown meal. Sometimes even more so.


As with food, so with writing. It certainly is easier not to have support your thesis statement, give thoughtful examples, make sure the themes are connecting. Just take the sentence as it is, no cooking needed. Like these: 


• Each day, thoughts knock at my door. I let them in and invite them to the table.


• I awaken with my demons and go to sleep with my angels. 


• The line to maturity crosses from milk chocolate to dark chocolate. 


• The disco beat— Satan’s preferred tool of torture. 


• So many joggers running past me. None of them smiling. 


• The i-Phone — the surest way to ruin a sunset. 


• The line between solitude and loneliness is as thin as an early morning bird call, as wide as Johnny Hartman’s voice in the empty housed-night. 


And one from Blossom Dearie singing Blossom’s Blues (borrowed from various folk songs):


• If you don’t like my peaches, baby, why do you shake my tree? (2x)

   Get out of my orchard and leave my peach tree be. 


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