Saturday, August 27, 2022


I really need to look more closely at my airline tickets when I buy them. Somehow I agreed to a six-hour layover at the Denver Airport, which I only realized when I arrived in Denver and added two hours to the time change instead of subtracting them. This could be a great math word problem:


“An older man arrived in Denver from Michigan and his watch read 6:00 pm. Thinking it was 8:00 pm, he settled in for a short two-hour wait until his 10:00 pm flight. He then glanced at his phone and noticed it read 4:00 pm. Which was correct and why the heck didn’t he notice it when he booked the flight?”


Realizing there was six-hours ahead and almost done with my book, I had a number of choices to pass the six hours:


1) Organize my photos on the computer. 


2) Write the Great American novel. 


3) Take out my headphones and see what was on Netflix.


I opted for No. 3 and started watching a German spy series called Kleo. 8 episodes, 45 minutes per episode. Perfect! 


And it was, thoroughly immersing me in its intriguing plot and characters. It even made me forget about my mysterious aching shoulder that had bothered me the whole time in Michigan and was not getting better. Got home at 1:00 am SF time (for your math problem solvers, that was 4:00 am Michigan time), spent my first day home meeting with my music teacher mentee and playing piano again at the Jewish Home. My shoulder still bothering me, tuned back into Kleo to finish the series and it got me thinking:


She gets knived, shot, kick-boxed, thrown over a balcony and somehow the next day, she’s off and running again as if nothing ever happened. I stub my toe and it stays with me for three days! Well, yes, she’s half my age, but still. I know no one wants to see the TV heroes rubbing their shoulder and whining, “Dang. This is really bothering me.” But still the level of bounce-back is like the cartoons of my childhood, Bugs Bunny flattened by a hammer and then the next frame, he’s back to his bouncy self. 


Me, I’m off to the chiropractor today to see if he can help me with some old-guy slow-motion bounce- back. Wish me luck!

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