Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Sir Gawain: Part 2

(Our story left off with King Arthur and Sir Gawain ready to interview every woman they met as to what they most want in this life. After many failures, the answer is revealed!)

So King Arthur rode of one way, Sir Gawain rode the other.

And asked of everyone they met, maiden, wife or mother.

“ I desire riches.” “I would like fine clothes.”

“I wish that I could straighten my large and crooked nose.”

“I desire wisdom, I care not much for wealth.”

“There is but one thing I want most and that thing is good health.”

“I would like good children.” “Just give me a handsome man.”

“Get me as far away from men as possibly I can.”

“I’d fain be free of everything that brings worry and vex.”

“The only thing that I care for is that there be good sex.”


Sir Gawain wrote the answers down, King Arthur did the same.

After many months of traveling, the two did meet again.

They exchanged  their books and the answers they did read.

But quickly grew discouraged as so very few agreed.


One month remained before the King must ride back to that spot.

He was restless and unsatisfied with the answers they had got.

He spurred his horse into some woods where he had never been.

And there he met the ugliest had that he had ever seen.


More pimples than true skin there were, of haird she’d hardly any.

Except for those that grew on her nose and these were far too many.

Two yellow teeth stuck boldly out, one up the other down.

Her neck was thick, her ears were huge, her mouth locked in a frown.

Her breath was foul, her dress was torn and hung down like a sack.

She rode a handsome horse and had a lute tied to her back.


She went up to King Arthur and she spoke directly out.

It took every bit of the King’s strength to not turn round about.


“If I do not help thee, thou surely will be dead.

Grant to me my wish if you hope to save your head.”


“I know not, my good Lady, how you know about my task.

But if you can solve the riddle, I will give you what you ask.”


“You must grant me a night to wed, his name is Sir Gawain.

If you don’t give this promise, your quest will be in vain.”


“I cannot promise for my knight, it is up to him to say.”


“Then go home now and ask him, I’ll give to thee a day.”


King Arthur found his nephew and relayed what had been said.

“Though she be foul as Beezlebub, for you, I shall her wed.”


“Then I must return to tell her upon this very hour.

Of all the knights I’ve ever known, thou surely bearest the flower.”


The King returned and told the hag the promise Gawain made.

“Pray tell me now the answer for which I’ve dearly paid.”


Thou now shall learn what women want or my name’s not Dame Ragnell

What a woman wants the most in life is this, good sir—her will.

 (More to come) 

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