Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Life Before Social Media

Well, yes, I am showing off my increasing mastery of 1,000 piece puzzles. But also an intriguing theme. I’m not convinced that eradicating social media would “Make America great again!” At the same time, its claim as the “great connector” was from the beginning overblown and at the end of the day, things are probably just as bad—or good—as they were before it entered our lives. Hoped for the puzzle to speak itself, but the lighting is wrong, so I’ll re-list the points, going down the columns from left to right. Which do you agree with?


• More of the great outdoors.

• Less duckface. (Not sure what this meant, but looked on Google and it’s the pouting lips-look people do for photos sometimes.)

• More peace and quiet

• More face-to-face conversations.

• More anonymity. 

• Less casual stalking.

• Less existential dread. 

• Less dogs that are influencers.

• Less photos of food.

• Less horrific opinions.

• More realness.

• Less fake likes, more proper likes.

• More innocent vegetables. (My daughter had to explain this one to me.)

• Less FOMO (fear of missing out for you oldsters)

• Less infinite scrolling.

• More living in the moment.

• Less ghosting

• Less nonsense.


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