Wednesday, November 9, 2022

The Ship of the Future

This morning, the Earth fulfilled its 24-hour rotation as it has faithfully done for billions of years. It gave the illusion of a sun rising, the morning birds sang to greet it, alarm clocks rang, coffee pots percolated, streets began to fill with cars and buses with people, most going off to do some kind of work that sustains life. Stocking the grocery store shelves, fixing broken cars, cutting hair, tending the park garden, delivering supplies, teaching the children. In short, a day like any other day.


Yet not. At some point, I will steel myself and read the news and find out whether we have risen to vote on behalf of life and love or chosen to make millions miserable, to threaten their lives, their livelihoods, their health, their happiness. My optimism and pessimism, my hope and despair, sit across from each other and stare into each other’s eyes, wondering who will win. 


Yesterday, I walked 7 miles through the city and happened into a labyrinth outside a hospital. It was the place where my Mom went for a short rehab and I remember walking that labyrinth on the day before Obama was elected. I walked it again. It was a call to the other world to watch over us, having done what we could to get people out to vote.


Also soon before the Obama election, I was driving somewhere in the Midwest listening to a song by The Incredible String Band called The Circle Is Unbroken. I had to pull over and listen from the depths. So I’m listening again now. I’m noticing that the completion of the sacred vision is placed in the hands of women. Those seeds of beauty of unborn children are not only literal children, the children they choose to have, but also the children awaiting rebirth within each and every one of us, that come to the world “trailing clouds of glory” with the full measure of wonder, curiosity, humor and love that we all carry. 


And then the final powerful image of being scattered by the life-haters, money-pushers, power-mongers and liars, but in bright morning, converging again. I’ll find out in an hour or so which way the wind has blown and naturally, hope to rejoice. But if not, tomorrow’s another day and we will finally triumph. I believe it in my bones.  


Here are the lyrics.


Seasons they change, while cold blood is raining. I have been waiting beyond the years.

Now over the skyline I see you're traveling. Brothers from all times, gathering here. 

Come let us build the ship of the future, in an ancient pattern, that journeys far.

Come let us sail, for the always island, through seas of leaving to the summer stars. 


Seasons they change, but with gaze unchanging. Oh deep-eyed sisters, is it you I see?

Seeds of beauty you bear within you, of unborn children, glad and free. 


Within your fingers, the fates are spinning. The sacred binding of the yellow grain.

Scattered we were, when the long night was breaking, but in bright morning, converse again.

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