Friday, August 25, 2023

The Place Just Right


"When we find ourselves in the place just right, it will be in the valley of love and delight." 


Singing "Simple Gifts" at my old school yesterday with six old students-now-teachers, another eight or so kids who are the grandchildren of teachers I taught with, sitting on my old pink chair in the music room where I first gave a workshop in 1974, almost 50 (!!) years ago that got me hired— well, it was indeed the place just right and there was a lot of love and delight in attendance. Likewise, in the kindergarten, 6th and 8th grade classes I taught as I’m subbing for my colleague James yesterday and today. Just jump right in and how quickly and fearlessly and expertly these kids can make music. Within 10 minutes in their first class of the year, the 8th grade was playing a killer blues and every single student played a great solo. Love and delight, indeed!


The day began with a live interview for a morning news show —see — which prompted a radio show to schedule another interview on Saturday. My Jazz, Joy & Justice book is scheduled to finally be printed in two weeks, I'll be performing in October for another SF Jazz Family Jazz concert, the film accepted to three more festivals, a book publisher seems enthusiastic about a new proposal— a flurry of affirmation from the world that of course I heartily welcome.


At the same time, driving back from school, I felt a dizziness overcome me similar to the episode I had in Ghana, minus the vomiting. A bit better this morning, but still light-headed and not quite myself. Thinking about going to Kaiser, but don't even know what question to ask or who to ask it to. I've been blessed with such good health overall and all digits crossed that something doesn't knock me down just at the moment when I'm finally able to enjoy it all. Having finally arrived at the “valley of love and delight,” I’m in no hurry to leave it.


Wish me luck!

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