Sunday, June 30, 2013

24 Hour Minister

I’m going to marry someone today. That is, officiate a wedding. I have a 24 hour license from the Alameda Marriage Commisioner which expires tomorrow. My virgin voyage as a minister and thrilled to be doing it.

Before the wedding, I’m off to march in the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade. Should be quite an event, with the recent DOMA and Prop 8 Supreme Court decision. But it occurred to me that I should take advantage of my status and offer to marry anyone interested on the spot. And quick before another court changes its mind.

“To prepare oneself for how one will be needed in the world.” That’s a good definition of education and one’s own commitment to lifelong learning. I’m grateful beyond measure whenever an opportunity presents itself to use my particular combination of skills and interests. From inviting kids into the house of jazz to leading a wedding ceremony to leading a funeral ceremony to playing piano at the Old Age home to helping edit and publish someone’s book (and my own) to giving public talks on music and education to teaching kids to teaching adults to playing ukelele and singing to my granddaughter, it’s a wonderful, wild, wacky and weird ride and I’m so happy to be on the rollercoaster. Yes, grouchy when someone doesn’t let me on the ride, but that’s part of my confidence that I have something to contribute and how can you not see that?! (spoken with indignation, disappointment or outrage).

But that’s my particular insanity, wanting it all and today is the moment to celebrate the flip side, my amazement and again, deep gratitude, that I get to do the things I get to do. All by design, all by hard work, all by the fortune of the right connections, but mostly, all by grace and the generosity of the world. Thank you, world, and don’t forget, Gay Pride Marchers, I have a license and I know how to use it!

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