Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Triple Surprise!

I am always prepared to be astonished and the world came through today.

First was visiting my Mom and finding her upright in her chair, complete awake, lucid and present. She’s been a roller coaster her whole life and the sharp descents and difficult ascents are yet more extreme in the past five years and yet more in the past five weeks. Truth be told, the evidence seemed to be pointing to steady decline and exit. But today she was wholly there. Happy, coherent, observant. How does this happen?

Next surprise was a slap in the face from science. Almost two years now that I began the Doug Diet that finally allowed me to tuck in my shirt in public. As time went on, I became more and more lax and yet my metabolism seemed to have changed and didn’t punish me. I felt like I was really beating the system, eating large helpings of ice cream and such and having a grand old time and every time, the needle on the scale stayed in the same place. Until today. Seems there was five pounds tucked away in some negative universe in my body and it jumped out from its hiding place and shouted, “Gotcha!!” Seriously. Yesterday, one weight and today, plus five! Dang! Back to some restraint.

But of course, such trivia as my weight pattern barely merits mention on Facebook, never mind this elevated blog. What really astounded me today was getting the news that Supreme Court did something right for a change. Astounding! Striking down DOMA and Prop 8 and a step in the direction of justice, equality and for goodness sakes, letting people love whom they choose! All this Conservative huffing and puffing because their paradigm is challenged while they seem oh so comfortable to put guns in the hands of serial killers. Well, good on you, Supreme Court, for taking this necessary, bold and just step. Keep on going! Keep surprising us!

Three surprises were about all I could handle, but there was one more waiting for me. Some God of Public Transportation has decreed that whenever Doug waits for the N-Judah underground, the J, K, L, and M shall always come first and often come again before the N appears. Never fails. But today, I walked down the stairs and straight into the open doors of—the N-Judah!!!

Just when we’re prepared to accept all the disappointment, bad decisions, failed hopes, things like this happen and renew our optimism. Sometimes government comes through, the streetcar arrives just on time, a loved one springs back. Hooray for that!

Now to go eat my cottage cheese and kale for dinner.

PS The universe always seeks balance. So of course, I burned the kale while posting this blog.

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