Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Return of Numbers Nerd

Here’s what people with too much time on their hands do:

• Keep checking to see when their TEDx talk hits 4, 444 viewings with camera ready to take a photo. (Missed it! It’s at 4, 446)

• Hope that one more person became a Blog follower to total 99. (They didn’t. It’s 98.)

• See if all all-time Blog page views hit 51,115. (Again, missed it. It’s 51,169).

• See if number of friends on Facebook hit 1,234. (Missed it. 1, 243).

• Thought it would have been cool to see 4444, 99, 51115, 1234 and be disappointed to miss them.

• Try to upgrade their self-esteem by checking these numbers— and then sneakily post them publicly in this blog.

• Spend 5 minutes and 55 seconds trying to think of a clever closing line and redeem their shame that they've posted such nonsense.

• Give up and post it anyway. At 11:11 pm. 

• Confess that it's really 10:54 pm, but not worth waiting up another 17 minutes.

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