Saturday, October 12, 2013

God Exists

While theologians and skeptics have been arguing for centuries about the existence of God, tonight I was shown irrefutable proof.

Driving to the Presidio Theater on Chestnut St., I arrived five minutes before the movie started faced with the usual impossible task of parking in San Francisco. Yet as I pulled up to the theater, at the very moment I approached the theater, the miracle happened. A woman got in her car to pull out. She opened the door, got in and pulled away and the whole operation took 15 seconds. No fixing up her make-up or checking her text messages or looking for something for ten minutes in her purse. In and out.

But most remarkable of all. The spot was across the street from the theater! Let me repeat that. In San Francisco, on Chestnut St., just before the movie “Enough Said” started on a Saturday night, I got a parking place across the street! As to the question of God’s existence, I can only reply, “Enough said.”

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