Thursday, October 17, 2013

Three Steps to Happiness

Someone once said to me: “You only need three things for a fulfilling life:

  1. Good work.
  2. Someone to share it with.
  3. Something to look forward to.”
I woke up this morning with this on my mind, so excited about the day. Today I get to begin teaching the ritual Halloween songs and pieces to elementary, will play, sing and dance with the marvelous three-year olds, will rehearse with the Body Music after-school group and try out the new choreography that’s in my head. Good work all with some of my favorite people on the planet (the children). Then already have the delicious leftover stir-fry noodle dish in mind for dinner, followed by a video that takes place in Verona, Italy where I will teach this summer. From there, a family trip to new territory for me in Italy (Amalfi Coast, Cinque Terra) is in the works and already the anticipation of a rare leisure summer trip gives a different brightness to the already luminous here and now. Instead of a list of chores to be endured and gotten through, each part of my day today feels like moving from one joy to the next.

But only if I stop writing and get myself to school! 

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