Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Blogs That Never Were

During the past five days, busy as always, I had ideas for blogs that never made it out of my head. That’s the maddening thing about the imagination. We all have great ideas for the next invention, great American novel, screenplay turned Hollywood blockbuster or additions to our house, but it’s that big leap from conception to creation that is the killer. Without it, the world will never know what we’re capable of and how it might be refreshed by our thoughts given form. Of course, in the case of this blog, it’s no big loss, but there are those five books I keep wanting to write. The back burner’s getting crowded and there’s mold growing in the pots.

Anyway, some titles of the blogs that never were:

Finish Your Ice Cream!

• The End of the Five and Dime

• Polymorphic Perversity

• A Miracle Photo

• No Need for Angels

• Like a Dog with It’s Head Out the Car Window

Oh, well. Life will go on just fine, thank you very much, without these fleshed out little stories. While you’re waiting for a genuine entry, write your own little story based on any of the above titles. If you send it to me, I’ll post it as a guest blog entry. 

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