Monday, November 3, 2014

A Week to Remember

What a week! And everything made richer by the pleasure of sharing it with our five interns from Brazil, Russia, Switzerland, Thailand and Chicago, many experiencing these kinds of events for the first time. Consider:

Wednesday: The SF Giants win the World Series. Joyful pandemonium in the streets.

Thursday:  The remarkable Intery Mintery Halloween ritual performance/celebration at The San Francisco School. 100 kids charging the air with powerful dance and music with full Orff ensemble, alto and soprano recorders, Thai angklung, boomwhackers and chime bars, drums, bells, woodblocks and strings for sound effects and Bulgarian bagpipe joined with Rumanian panpipes. Not your everyday school Halloween event! Then fun outdoor booths, a final gathering with a mesmerizing story and ending song designed to make the room jump up two feet at the end.

Friday: San Francisco in all its Halloween glory (and gory), capped by a walk up Belvedere St. with its unique displays and neighborhood agreement to make a safe and fun trick-or-treat experience for kids of all ages.

Saturday: A workshop in Oakland on Georgian (from the Caucus Mountains) singing followed by Sea Chanty singing on a boat at the Hyde Street Pier.

Sunday: An afternoon concert of Beethoven and Telemann by the SF Academy orchestra followed by the Day of the Dead celebration down in the Mission (more on that in the next blog).

How’s that for an interesting five days? 

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