Thursday, February 11, 2016

Houston We Have a Problem

Few things are more maddening than something that consistently works and suddenly doesn’t or changes and you (i.e., me) have no idea why. My posts on AOSA Facebook seem to be going through fine, but my general Facebook posts seem like they only reach “friends” who go to my school and I have no idea what changed or what to do about it.

I’ve been writing my blog for five years with a rough draft in Word using Times font and it automatically changes when posted on the blog. Suddenly, it comes up on the blog in a different font and it drives me crazy because I don’t like it as much. (See my recent blogs compared to ones earlier in February like the one “February.”) The old style is much more readable and the new one really bothers me.

So dear friends, can anyone out there help me with either problem? Could it have anything to do with posting these from Australia? (Down under, everything is different?) Write to me at if you can suggest remediation. I know it’s not as important as a failed moon shot, but hey, it really bugs me! Thanks in advance.

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