Monday, October 2, 2017


Here’s a surprise pop quiz. I know you didn’t get to study for it, but hopefully you’ve been studying your whole life. Please answer this question:

“What to do about the epidemic of random shootings in the United States?”

a)    Stricter gun control laws on par with the rest of the civilized nations will help.

b)   Affordable health care with accessible psychiatric services will help.

c)    Campaign donation reform to limit powerful lobbyists like the NRA’s capacity to buy the loyalty of Congress-people will help. (List supplied on request).

d)   Education that serves children’s need and teaches them both how to think and care so they will become responsible citizens and voters will help.

e)    All of the above.

And the correct answer is:

e) All of the above.


“What actions is the current administration taking regarding the above?”

f)     None of the above.

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