Monday, October 9, 2017

The New Normal

I am not making this up. The first five posts on my Facebook feed:

• Scary again, We are been told to stay inside, police walking around our neighborhood with guns, they chased a suspect and he crashed in to our neighborhood. Right in front of our house is his car which he crashed with. Outside is no go. I heard the crashed and I came out to see what was happening, when I saw cops asking if we have seen anyone running. Hmmmm. (L.A., California)

• On our third evacuation since midnight. This time a very hard closure prevented us from going back in. Wild winds again. Fortunately, we've found shelter with dear friends. Dogs love it here, and the cats have their own bedroom. Love to all!! (Gold Country, California)

• In lock down at TTU in middle of our Balkan ensemble performance. Shooter at large. We are all fine. (Dallas, Texas)

• We just got word. Our house is gone. Grief. (Santa Rosa, California)

• 4.1 Earthquake! One jolt. Description:😨..ok.. two-ish joltssss (Santa Cruz, California)

What the hell is going on? Is this the end of days? And all of this soon after the Las Vegas massacre, the hurricanes in Puerto Rico, Florida, Texas, the threats of nuclear war with North Korea. And most shameless of all is not just the actual natural and human disasters, but the President’s responses and non- responses.

Well, if we have to go down, I for one will go down shoutin’ and singin’ and lovin’ and enjoying every moment I can with the beautiful kids I teach (meaning all of them). Fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, shooters, nukes, mad despots—either Armegeddon is a’comin’ or it’s a cleanse before the resurrection of intelligence, kindness, good music and living lightly on the earth. Meanwhile, all you folks on the front line, take care of yourselves. It's a terrifying world coming at us, but also filled with great hope and beauty.  

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