Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Trick or Treat

October went out in a blaze of glory. A perfect day weatherwise and pretty darn good otherwise, with a powerful Intery Mintery celebration, fun Middle School booths and a pin-drop silent attention as I told the story of The Giant With No Heart in His Body. The kids in the room pictured the monstrous giant at the level just right for their psyche, the adults understood the reference to the heartless pathological narcissist unbelievably at the helm of our country’s leadership. From school, a lovely dinner at a Puerto Rican restaurant with the Interns and on to Belvedere Street for an always fabulous festive five blocks of trick or treating. As every year, I love sharing this holiday with folks from abroad, proof that we Americans still can still have fun, create magic, go crazy in the right way.

And so trick or treat. We’ve had almost a year now of being tricked by this scandalous and clueless and heartless administration and with the Muller investigations underway, the players in the game continuing to shoot themselves (and each other) in the foot, the public getting tired of the shenanigans, I have hope against hope that November will mark the beginning of the treat we deserve and so desperately need, the fairy tale ending where the bad guys get their just desserts and the marriage of heart and mind takes place. May it be so!

And if we are to take the above story to heart, be kind to ravens, salmon and wolves. If we are, they will help us find the egg with the hidden heart and do what is necessary. May it be so!

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