Thursday, February 15, 2018

Analog Reflections

I knew Facebook might not work in China, but thought it would be fine to keep posting my blog. Not so. Likewise no Youtube, no Wikipedia, no Stephen Colbert show. I  don’t think of myself as electronically addicted, but let’s face, these are the new mediums for news, information, communication, publishing, social networking, etc. I feel like I’m missing a limb or two. E-mail is still available, but it seems to be run by hamsters on wheels.

Of course, I’ll continue to write and post a lot at once when I get to Thailand, but from my vantage point, many of the blogs feel like old news one day later. And news is like that, seemingly so important in the moment and …well, yesterday’s news the next day. Often I’m aiming for something a little bit more long-lasting in these daily reflections, but they’re almost always tied to the events of the day.

But what’s old to me can feel fresh for the reader. I just hope you don’t give up after almost two weeks of no posts! Ah, this modern world!

(Jan. 28)

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