Friday, February 23, 2018

Children's Crusade

Nothing is more inspiring to me than the increased mobilization and speaking out of high school students around the politician’s non-response to Parkland. They are getting quite an education in the evil power of power and money to continue avoiding the real issues because it’s not in their financial interest and the unbelievable attempts to actually insult and blame these brave high school students. It’s a bad sign that kids who mostly should be worrying about pimples and getting invited to the party and passing the math test are having to carry the heavy burden of sanctified violence on their small shoulders because the adults are not. But it’s a good thing that they are waking up and starting to wake some of us up.

If the little ones had the power to speak on their behalf, they could join the movement too. And the fact is, they are extremely articulate about what’s fair and just and right and what makes them happy and sad— it’s just that no one will give them the floor. And it indeed is the unnatural order of things for adults not to protect the children and not grow up to their responsibility as adult citizens and speak out on behalf of the children. Maybe this will help us all wake up.

Meanwhile, it has been a pleasure to post photos reminding folks what schools are for and how adults can help give children just what they need and make them happy. I include a few here.

Back to China this morning for 8 days, so off of the blog grid yet again. If you see no posts, that’s why. Hope to see you again in early March!!

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