Monday, June 11, 2018

A Good Day

The day started off with great promise, as I did an early morning laundry and all my socks that went into the washer and dryer actually came out again. And they matched! I could have stopped right there.

But I had to go to school and spend the morning cleaning and re-organizing my room after the chaos of the busy ending. So with the room to myself, I put all instruments back in their proper places and covered the floor with the big thick-paper song-sheets that have been kicking around for 43 years and desperately needed re-organization. Thanks to colleague’s Sofia’s clever metal storage thing she offered, all sheets were put in their proper holder and organized for easy access. Amazing!

Then there was a reunion of the class of 2014, now all high-school seniors who just graduated. They testified about what qualities of the school served them well in high school and then sang songs with Sofia and I, remembering all words and melodies! And singing with the playful exuberance of their childhood! Then they tried out the xylophones and we played a spontaneous blues complete with solos from each. Good fun all.

Driving my daughter back home, she told me about her court appearance after a cop fined her $1200 for poking at her cell phone to get a podcast at a red light and not having her insurance or registration on her. The understanding judge reduced it to $211. That felt a bit better.

Yesterday, finished my report cards, saved $500 by not-getting-scammed (but almost!) by folks who claimed I had been hacked and needed protection (thanks to the Walgreen’s guy who advised me to go to the Apple Store) and driving back from the Apple Store, got a call on my cell phone from —drum roll here—THE TRAVEL NURSE!!!!! (see Rage Against the Machine). I should have pulled over to talk, but I didn’t and then a cop………didn’t stop me! And I should be able to get my shot tomorrow and the needed malaria pills! Yeah!!!!

We all know the thousand ways the world disappoints us or puts its big foot on our neck or ignores us when we need it to respond kindly. But every once in a while, we have a good day, where rooms get cleaned, tickets are not given or reduced, things that didn’t work suddenly do. And most important of all, every sock that went into the laundry comes out of the laundry.

It has been a good day.

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