Monday, June 25, 2018

Coming Attractions

Another heart-opening and spirit-lifting day yesterday going to a traditional ceremony at a nearby shrine. An intriguing combination of trance-dance, Islam-inspired prayer, social dance and even a little break-dancing from the kids just outside the shrine. Only in Ghana.

It was yet another opportunity for me to look at what myself and my countryman accept as the norm in our culture in terms of personal and cultural health and well-being and our strategies to re-balance or correct or heal. Which turn out to often be bandaids on cancer or poisonous medicine. Caught in the limited viewpoint of how our culture is organized and what it values, we can’t see any other solutions. Coming to a place like Ghana is a window into possibilities we haven’t yet dreamed of that could—and do—bring deep health and happiness beyond our expectation.

On fire with new ideas and perspectives, I came back to the hotel and wrote three titles for upcoming blogs. But the evening was spent with me giving a talk on the distinct differences between oral culture, literate culture and Orff Schulwerk as an attempt to fold oral practices inside a literate framework. That’s a few blogposts in themselves.

But now it’s Monday and I’m scheduled to teach three xylophone classes starting in 10 minutes. So I’ll leave you with the titles of my proposed posts and ask you to imagine the content. Or heck, just treat it as a writing exercise and write your own version! The titles:

                                                    • The No-Talk Cure

                                                    • Vibration Medication

                                                    • Change the Ratio


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