Monday, October 8, 2018

A Word to Young Men

Perhaps there is an overlap between my Facebook post readers and my Blog post readers and if so, my apologies. But while these mediums still represent freedom of speech, I’m committed to using it in hopes that the pen of thoughtful reflection is indeed mightier than the sword of dark money and unearned power. Here’s what I wrote today:

Amazing! 45 said something true! "It's a hard time to be a young man these days." Because what do today's youth have to look up to as a model of what it means to be a man? Greedy pathological narcissists whose emotional maturity got stuck around 2 years old, vocabulary stopped around 3rd grade, drinking habits leveled off at 18 yrs. old and yet walk around in adult bodies in positions of great power, put there and excused by others who think that their privilege makes them the victim. To the young males of the species—don't go there! The coolest man is strong with commitment to justice, courageously vulnerable and bravely opening the heart, learning to direct energy towards kindness and deep compassion, fierce about developing intelligence, respectful of women and disciplined in training the body to eloquence, expressive dance, extraordinary musical technique. Look at those whiny, cruel, insulting males momentarily at the top who think their worth lies in their bankbook and firmly decide, "No thank you." 

And then get out and vote.

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