Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The Human Body

The human body is a precious gift, not to be carelessly squandered.


Its limbs, organs, faculties are designed to help and heal and be midwives to glory.


Hands are made to hold.

Hands are made to help.

Hands are made for loving touch. Hands are made to create something of lasting beauty.

Ears are made to listen. Mouths are made to speak poetry and speak truth and speak out when the occasion calls for it.

The body is a temple of the spirit, to be cared for, to be trained to eloquence, to be used to map understanding.

The mind is made to think and also to imagine.

The heart is made to open, to receive and give forth love.

Shoulders are meant to stand on, to see what came before and what lies ahead.

Feet are made to walk toward the beckoning horizon. And dance.

The gut is made for courage, the fierce determination to stand in harm’s way and declare: 

“In the name of my children and grandchildren and world more worthy of our promise, this is where this stops.”

To help, heal and bring happiness or to hurt, harm and feed horror.

Let us choose wisely.

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