Sunday, October 28, 2018

Life with Zadie and Malik

First day of a three-day visit in Fall-beautiful-Portland. Uno and War card games with Zadie. Chutes and Ladders. Reading Harry Potter out loud. Bike riding. Hopscotch. Flossing dance practice. Autumn leaf collecting. Piano duet. Christopher Robin movie. Pottery painting. Pumpkin carving. Almost 7 now and impressive maturation playing card games—ie, gracious about losing!

And Malik? More reading. Football kicking. Pillow fight. And tomorrow, a visit to his Montessori classroom. 3 and still astounding me with his quick mind and intriguing comments. My daughter Kerala was telling a story about a difficult situation with a child’s parents while putting on his pajamas and he echoed her “Meth addict.” Not exactly cute, but intriguing to listen to his absorbent mind at work.

Grandkids. Gotta love ‘em. 

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