Sunday, April 21, 2019

Keep Moving

For the past 30 years or so, I’ve passed a neighbor jogging. The pace is slowing, but now in his 70’s, he’s still out there running. I asked him what inspired him and his answer was simple: “My Dad had two good words of advice for me: ‘Keep moving.’”

So many ways to interpret that! For me, it’s not jogging, but coming back from Turkey to two days in New Orleans preparing my summer class there, then two days in San Francisco teaching at school and now two days in Portland with the grandchildren. Then a short week back at school hosting Scandinavian teachers come to teach at the Orff Mini-conference and then drive down to Carmel Valley for the Conference itself. Next weekend is a Men’s Group Retreat in Marin County and two weeks later, my 50thHigh School Reunion in New Jersey. Keep moving, indeed!

Of course, I wouldn’t mind letting a little grass grow under my feet in San Francisco to enjoy a different kind of pleasure. The rhythmic groove of a daily schedule, time at the piano, actually cooking again in the kitchen and shopping and bike riding and tune back into the Australian Mini-Series we’ve been watching. “Stay put” is equally wise counsel if we know how to shape our day well. 

But for now, it’s life on the move and as always, loving the grandchildren time and the cycles of life as we hide Easter eggs for them as we did for our children and as our parents did for us. Playing Sorry and Go-Fish at night, riding bikes in the school playground, reading books and having Zadie read books to us. And though yesterday began with typical Portland rain, the sun emerged in all its glory and Spring was in the air.

“Keep moving” is also good mental advice, continuing to think further than you have and read beyond your immediate experience and discuss with those who don’t habitually agree with you. Play the next jazz piece, improvise a new kind of solo, try out a new technique. Cook a new dish, make a new friend, write a new post on the blog. You get the idea. 

Like my neighbor, you could also jog. 


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