Tuesday, April 9, 2019

This and That

The Aegean Sea in the view out the window of my friend Banu’s apartment in Izmir. First time in this San Francisco-like city with its water, hills, architecture with character and liberal history. The day began in rain but after an extraordinary lunch of 12 different vegetable dishes, the sun graced us with its warmth and light. We walked along the water and talked about this marvelous world of Orff Schulwerk we’ve had the good grace to land in—including all the gnarly gossip and small outrages over this person or that. The usual Human Comedy and Tragedy. 

There have been high and low moments these past two days. On a bus in Verona, my good friend Arianna translated the racial slurs a man was spewing at a black man who was drunk and serving his own form of verbal abuse. That was not happy. But then the next morning, I flew to Rome and then boarding the bus to the next plane to Turkey, saw the most beautiful rainbow. For five minutes straight. 

Successfully negotiated all three flights to Izmir, but though I arrived safe and sound, my bags did not. Aargh! I went through this in Spain a few years ago and it was not a happy thing. So now two days in my same clothes, including teaching in them unshaven tonight, and a vague hope the bags will arrive tomorrow. The life of the constant traveler.

Now preparing for three hours of body slapping with 30 Turkish music teachers—and again, the slight astonishment that this is how I make my living. Go figure. 

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