Friday, May 31, 2019

Elevating the Frivolous

It’s the last week of school. Kids are choreographing their dances for the Samba Contest, working on their Cookie Jar skills, preparing themselves for the Mud Pie Complete Control Challenge. It is a feast of frivolous fun festive fanciful games and activities that form part of our school’s unique character. Dare I say the backbone? The idea that fun and frivolity have a place in the body of serious education has informed my life’s work and if not the backbone of my school, it’s also not the toenail. I’ve managed to help elevated the apparently frivolous to a place of dignity and worth. 

First off, it fits the way children are put together. They’re funny and fun-loving and if we’re going to help develop their equally natural serious hard-working selves, we would do well to meet them at their level. Secondly, to be serious without humor is no good for anyone. And likewise to be constantly humorous without seriousness. And finally, it’s memorable. Talk to kids 40 years later and they still remember these moments. Much more than their math test.

Elevating the frivolous. Consider it.

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