Sunday, May 12, 2019

Ode to the Paperclip

"Order is the only possibility of rest." —Wendell Berry

Today my desk littered with records of payments made or received. 

The detritus of my publishing life, my meager financial life, a jumble of chaos begging for coherence.

CD Baby, Midpoint Trade, Vicks, Aerocorporation, Schott, Alfred, Peripole, West, Madrobin Music, JW Pepper, Long & McQuade, CDA alongside workshop contracts, flights information, Visa statement, B of A statements, Morgan Stanley, Janus, TIA, etc., etc. and yet again etc.

The paperclip to the rescue! Pile the papers together and bind them with a simple action and lo and behold, order is restored! 

Into the letter holder they go, snuggled cozily together in the family where they belong. 
The world is made harmonious by the simplest of tools. 

And let’s not forget nearby relatives— the stapler, the rubber band, the clothes hanger. 
My definition of wealth is have enough of each.

Hail to the paperclip!

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