Sunday, June 2, 2019

Back on Track

May was filled with excitement, variety and welcome surprises, but the pace was somewhat frenetic. Away from settled routine, I find myself over-eating, not exercising, losing some threads of continuity in the various projects I have going. 

So June began auspiciously, with my ritual morning meditation, oatmeal and Solitaire and a few good hours diving back into my book-writing and making clear, tangible progress. A welcome break with the Goldberg Variations on piano and actually ended up memorizing a few. A simple lunch and ride my bike to another Senior Home where I’ve started to play piano. An hour of making the residents happy—and me too—and then continued on my bike down to Fort Mason to see the second half of the Balinese Sekar Jaya concert. Back in the mid-80’s, I played with this group and now they’re celebrating their 40thanniversary. As usual, dynamic, virtuosic and stirring music and dance and not surprisingly, saw some folks I knew in the lobby afterwards. 

Then the long bike ride back up the Presidio Hill and all set to watch the Warriors 2ndplayoff game—only to realize that the game was the next day. So instead, saw a video about Chet Baker which sparked my interest in revisiting his recordings. The world of jazz is vast and inexhaustible. 

So I’m feeling back on track with eating better and less, exercising on my bike, back into the flow of writing my book and feeling an end almost within sight, keeping momentum going with piano playing and so on. Today and tomorrow to keep everything moving and then back to a crazy four days to finish up school. We’ll see how that goes.

Why should this be interesting to anyone? To be honest, it shouldn’t. Except to note how important it is to keep riding the rails of one’s interest following a reliable and repeatable timetable. Yes, important to get off the train and wander around the city or town or countryside, but equally important to get back on that track and keep some sense of forward progress. 

On to Chapter 8. 

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