Thursday, June 6, 2019

More Is Too Much

Sometimes less is more and often, more is too much. I love the celebration and ceremony aspect of my school—indeed, was instrumental in creating, crafting and sustaining it. But somehow, they’ve all been backed into the last week and we’re all being thrown helter-skelter by the whirlwind. Tuesday was the 8thgrade play, afternoon and evening, Wednesday was the Samba Contest and me leading a 5-year old evening parent sharing,  Thursday is the Staff vs. 8thgrade basketball and another 5-year old sharing,, Friday is the 8thgrade Graduation sharing, Mud pie dessert ritual, closing ceremony and hug line, Saturday is 8thgrade Graduation. I fully intended to squeeze in the Cookie Jar Contest, but wisely let it go. (No, I’m not going to bother to explain each esoteric thing). The instruments have been moved back and forth some five times between the music room and the Community Center. 

On top of this, we’re finishing up normal classes, signing cards for the teachers leaving, sneaking in a look at the Warriors in the playoffs (aargh! Last night was painful!), preparing graduation speeches and oh, did I mention Report Cards? At a time when we should be celebrating another year well done and easing into summer, tempers are short, people are stressed, kids are edgy. Each event in itself is delightful and just right to bring a unique color and life to the daily round of school. But all of them packed together is like having a special treat each meal– when “special” becomes the norm, it loses its meaning. 

As music needs silence and some steady progress to prepare the peak moments, so does a ceremonial calendar. The question here is not what to abandon, but how to spread it out so it all doesn’t happen at once.

Note to school self.

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