Thursday, February 6, 2020

V Is for…

Perhaps I’ve confessed this before, but one of my little literary vices is reading the complete works of Sue Grafton. Almost finished with her alphabetic series and last night began V Is for Vengeance.  Love her quote on the back cover:

“I’m all for forgiveness, as long as I’m given the opportunity to get even first…”

I hate it when the bad guys win. I still believe in fairy tale endings where evil gets its just desserts. But it takes a lot of patience when elected officials in the Senate put their weird notion of winning— our party beats your party by any means necessary without the least trace of shame when we cheat by not counting votes, suppressing votes, gerrymandering votes, not hearing evidence in a trial, publicly proclaiming the verdict before the trial begins, etc. etc. and yet again etc.—over their actual job to defend and uphold the Constitution and put the health of the country over simply winning elections. That’s treason. These are cowardly traitors who need to be held accountable for their shameless choices of towing the party line even when it’s corrupt, mean-spirited and clearly violates the oath of office. So in the face of every reason to despair, here’s a few V’s to consider: 

Vice: Stop it. Bring the bad guys to justice. They are vicious. 

Virus: Contain it. Quarantine those infected, both with the physical virus and the immoral virus, and keep them away from the healthy. Build a wall around Mar-a- Lago and throw them all together there.

Vision: Stay true to it in spite of everything trying to trample it down.

Vengeance: Get even. Then forgive.

Vote: Get vengeance by convincing the 42% who opted out last election to get their butts to the polls, armed with information and real knowledge about what’s at stake.

My friends, let's be vigilant, not veer off course, step up our valor.

And of course, play the vibraphone.

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