Monday, April 13, 2020

Kilroy Was Here

Does anyone in the new generation know “Kilroy was here!”? Even if you do know it, do you know what it meant or how it came to be? Well, having just looked it up, I could tell you, but hey, I have an online staff meeting in 5 minutes, so this will now be your homework.

Suffice it to say, it was a popular graffiti and I’ve always taken it in the spirit of much graffiti, someone just letting the world know, “Hey! I’m here! Nobody may know me and perhaps I’ve done nothing worth knowing, but still, I was here. I was born, slogged through the same swamp that we all do and occasionally emerged into bright, sunlit fields bursting with Spring flowers, as I also hope we all do. This marking is just to let you know I was here. I matter.”

As you might discover in your homework, that’s not precisely how Kilroy was used. But my interpretation still is worth considering. This entire Blog, along with my journals and books and Facebook posts, is my “Kilroy was here" testimony. Even if I don’t have anything to report beyond, “Worked on the school songbook. Played some jazz tunes on piano. Cooked a good meal. Watched two episodes of Shetland,” still I am here. Hunkered down in this weird new life, with time off to bike through those sunlit fields of Spring (though more overcast than I’d like at the moment).

And now, most exciting of all, it’s time for the Staff Meeting!

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