Saturday, April 18, 2020

Preferences in the Socially Distanced World

• Preferred mode of travel for long trips: RV’s

• Preferred public entertainment: Drive-in Movie Theaters. (Bring your own popcorn.)

• Preferred recreational sport: Golf. (With onesomes.)

• Preferred vehicle to take your friend shopping: Limousine. (They sit in the back.)

• Preferred restaurant: Pizza take-out. (Leave the money outside the door.)

• Preferred time to take a walk: 3 am

• Preferred card game: Solitaire

• Preferred clothing style: Burkas. 

• Preferred response to someone sneezing in your presence: God Bless Us.

• Preferred movie: Groundhog Day. (Viewed in your living room.)

• Preferred profession: Retired. 

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