Thursday, December 31, 2020

Rolling Down the Hill

Yesterday, I took a walk in Golden Gate Park with a  former student, his wife and two daughters, aged 3 and 5. They were not comfortable with the playground, but no matter, the kids were as kids have always been and always should be, climbing trees instead of human-built jungle gyms, being swung around in their father’s arms instead of swings with chains and leather, rolling down grassy hills instead of sliding on metal slides. 


I’d only met the 5-year old once, but already we were best friends and when she invited me to roll down the hill with her, how could I refuse? The excuse that I’m 69 and too old for such things would mean nothing to her. 


And so I laid my body out straight, arms over my head and rolled. Truth be told, it was dizzying and disorienting and a bit too fast for my taste. But I did it. 


And lived to tell you about it.

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