Sunday, December 13, 2020


A few months back, some keys on my keyboard stopped working. Necessary letters like “a,” “s” and “d.” I was told that by the rules of planned obsolescence, I would need to buy a new computer. But a miraculous worker at the Apple Store dug around in the keys and  actually managed to solve the problem and I happily typed on for the next few months.


And then today, the “w” started acting up. Meaning I pressed it down and nothing appeared on the screen.  Who would I be without “W”? (used it 4 times in that sentence alone). Think of all the wondrous words beginning with w: 


Who, where, when, why, wherefore, whether, which, would, we, well, will, wonder, wish, wound, winter, wild, water, wind, weather, web, way, word, worth, work, whine, wine, was, watch, wear, wore, wow, win, window, wand, wander, wonder, wonderful, wacky, weird, wow.


Not to mention words with “w” somewhere in the middle— blown, clown, down, frown—or at the end—jaw, law, paw, raw, saw, dew, few, new, sew, view, allow, bow, cow, how, low, mow, now, tow and so on. 


I wonder if that wonderful worker is still working at the Apple store? I will wander down that way if the weather allows whenever the “w” wears down, but for now, its seems to be working and isn’t that wonderful?


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