Wednesday, July 14, 2021


When your night dreams align with your day dreams, pay attention! It’s a sure sign that your unique purpose on the planet is being broadcast to you. Not that I need any more convincing, but it always astonishes me to feel the many levels through which this work proceeds. 


For example, the other night I dreamt I was giving an Orff workshops to a large crowd of adults using the children’s song Bingo.  You know it, the B -  I-  N-G-O one. But instead of just sitting and singing, the crowd was marching to the first part and freezing in different shapes on the letters. Fun! Then we increased the tempo. Challenging! Then we did the slow-motion underwater version. Lovely! As usual, the adults were so happy to get to play as children again, to get to move, to get to create something personally expressive—and to get to do it together. Beyond the utilitarian professional development of an Orff workshop, the simple opportunity to shed the serious adult working and re-awaken the mirthful child playing is enough reason for everyone and anyone to get themselves to the nearest Orff gathering. But the added perk of getting to play with people, to be seen and welcomed and valued, to see and welcome and value others is worth ten times the admission price. Which, by the way, is pretty darn cheap compared to your local therapist. 


“Search for that which joins us; understand that which separates us” is a gem of a quote by Carl Orff that few know about. But Bingo!, he hit the proverbial nail on the head, for playing together is certainly that which joins us. And confining ourselves to a corner of our adult thought and belief system and dogmas is certainly part of that which separates us. I believe that up until my last breath, I will announce my hope to give a workshop to members of Congress before they vote on an important issue. Begin by playing and creating together, then sitting down and discussing the issue at hand with the person you just played with, voting and then ending with a song and a dance. What a game-changer that would be! 


Meanwhile, I have my first live Orff teaching in two weeks after a year and a half and thanks to the gods who visit me in dreams, I have my first class planned. B  -   I   -  N-G-O…

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