Thursday, July 8, 2021

Ode to Procrastination

A topic that holds for me great fascination

Is the art and the practice of procrastination.

Though we long to be happy, it’s a sure path to sorrow

If we don’t do today and put off for tomorrow.


We check in to Facebook or watch a Blue Ray

To avoid the one thing that we should do today.

We write a love poem to that Miss that we kissed

Put doing this thing far down the list.


We squiggle and squirm, makes all kinds of excuses

Go weed the garden or go check the fuses.

Keep saying “Not now” or “tonight” or “well, soon,”

Maybe at 10 or 11 or noon.


Now we’re too hungry and now we’re too tired

Now we’re not focused and now we’re too wired.

Right after this or right before that.

Or just after the trip to the vet with the cat.


The hours are ticking, the deadline draws near.

What started in fun is ending in fear.

We strap ourselves down and settle down to the task.

“How is it going? “ Please, just don’t ask!


When it finally is done, we feel a big stone

Lifted off of our shoulders and go check our phone.

The library says to return what we borrowed.

And we think to ourselves, “I’ll do it tomorrow.”


Note to reader: I intended to post this a few months ago. :-)



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