Thursday, April 21, 2022

A Year in the Life

In 2016, I traveled to five continents giving Orff workshops.  In 2021, I mostly traveled between five rooms in my house. That life I once led had changed dramatically.


2016 was no exception, my calendar similar in the 25 years before and the 4 years after. But on that particular year, I worked in some 18 cities in 11 countries on 5 continents. All of this while teaching some 7 classes a day to kids from 3 years old to 8th grade for six of those months at The San Francisco School. 


While I freely confess that I have felt some pride in my growing resume, I’m firmly in the stage of life when it’s clear that no one cares and I needn’t try to impress anyone. At the same time, having stumbled into this calendar looking for the year that I took a trip to Sicily, I found myself somewhat astounded that I lived this life. By all means, feel free to stop reading here, but for those curious, here is my itinerary for that particular year. All of which was captured, incidentally, in one form or another by the blogposts from that year. And that indeed is more important to me, not so much what I did, but how I did it and why I did it and how much I enjoyed it and what it meant to me and what it might have meant for the people I taught. 


For better or for worse, here’s the outline.




Jan. 9 —SF Orff Workshop

Jan. 14/19—SF BATTI Orff Workshop



Feb. 4—Australia:Univ. of Queensland/ Griffith Univeristy Workshops & Lectures

Feb. 5-7—Brisbane Orff Course 

Feb. 8—Sunnybank Hills State School Guest Teacher

Feb. 9—Jindalee State School Guest Teacher

Feb. 10—Oxley State School Guest Teacher

Feb. 12-13-14—Sydney Orff Course  

Feb. 15- Sydney: Santa Sabina School Guest Teacher

Feb. 16—Sydney: Newington College Guest Teacher 

Feb. 18: Cranbrook School Guest Teacher 

Feb. 19—Sydney: PLC School Guest Teacher 

Feb. 26—SF NAIS Conference



March 5—SFS Workshop

March 12—SF Jazz Workshop

March 17—Japan:Tokyo. Nishimashi Guest Teacher

March 18-19—Tokyo Orff Workshop

March 21-24—Singapore: UWCSEA Orff Course

March 28-30—Bangkok Jazz Course

March 31-Apr. 2—EARCOS Conference: Manila, Philippines- workshop/ Keynote Speaker



April 14-18—SF School Social Justice Alabama trip

April 23—Salida, Ca Orff Workshop




May 11-12—SFS Spring Concerts

May 21 —SFS Auction Jazz Concert

May 21—SF JAZZ



June 4—SFS Graduation

June 19—July 3—Ghana Orff-Afrique Course



July 4-8—Madrid Orff Course

July 11—Salzburg Orff summer course evening workshop

July 12-22—Sicily with Karen

July 25-29—SF Jazz Course



Aug. 1-12—SF International Orff Course Level Training: Hidden Valley, CA

Aug. 22-26—Toronto, Canada Orff Course



Sept. 10—SF: My Orff workshop

Sept. 17—Chicago Orff Workshop

Sept. 24—SF Jazz



October 15—Hayward Cal State Orff Workshop

October 22—SF Jazz



Nov. 2-5—AOSA Conference: Atlantic City

Nov. 7—NJPAC New Jersey Orff-Jazz Workshop

Nov. 12—SF School Kofi workshop and Nunya Academy Benefit Concert



Dec. 15—SF School Holiday Shows

Dec. 17—SF Jazz


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