Sunday, April 24, 2022


 Back when I was just starting out giving workshops around the country, I received a surprise and attractive invitation in the mail that was really exciting. I shared it with my family, noticed my 8-year-old daughter smiling and soon discovered that she had sent the letter (expertly, I might add) as an April Fool’s joke! I eventually forgave her.


But truth be told, some part of me has always been awaiting a surprise invitation through the mail slot or later, the e-mail or even text message. In my fantasies, things like Wynton Marsalis inviting me to give a workshop at Lincoln Center or Terry Gross asking me for an interview or some prestigious University informing me that I have been granted an Honorary Doctorate. Naturally, none of it ever happens and the closest things to such welcome surprises have been the San Francisco Conservatory of Music asking me to teach in their program in 1998 and then in 2000, receiving the notification that I was awarded the Orff Foundation Pro Merito Award to be given to me by Frau Orff at the Orff Symposium in Salzburg. In my memory, those were the only two such surprises that came my way.


So imagine my delight when today I received this notification from someone I didn’t know:


“Hi Doug,


I came across a new job listing that I thought might interest you. The full details and application process can be found in this job listing below.…”


Intriguing, yes? I scrolled down and this was the job.


Dyslexia Center Assessment Proctor/ UCSF San Francisco, CA. 


Huh? Is this a message from World that I’ve chosen the wrong path or a new one awaits me?  


While I’m thinking about it… Wynton? Terry? Harvard?

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