Friday, April 15, 2022

Graphic Notation

It’s fair to say that a good part of my life has been spent looking for ways to share my thoughts. Not so much that I think them terribly important (though clearly some part of me feels they’re worthy of public consideration), but because writing them down or speaking them out loud helps give them more shape, clarity, design and depth. Alongside all my books and articles and blogposts have been various talks I’ve given, some 20 at least in the Summer Orff Courses that I teach. 


Back when I began, I made some graphic charts on butcher paper so I would neither be speaking wholly off the cuff nor reading from a paper. Never very visually artistically inclined, it was a fun challenge and change for me and somewhat intriguing to the audience. 

Naturally, I kept these rolls of butcher paper and recently found them again when cleaning out the cassette tapes in the drawers. I started to recycle some and then took some photos before a final goodbye. Would you like to see some? Of course you would! :-)

Well, here’s a taste of the first. Maybe more to come that are more visually interesting, but these three are from a talk I gave about the shifting culture of the 1920’s, the time when Carl Orff began his work. Enjoy! 

PS Read in order from bottom to top.




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