Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Granddaughter Zadie flew down from Portland by herself for two weeks with the old grandparents and her vibrant Aunt Talia. We had quite a first day. A walk through the park and then to Irving Street to get her the Tartinne bread she likes, walk past her old favorite Chloe’s Closet store with its toys for kids and go into the jewelry store instead to look for earrings. She’s approaching 11 years old and growing up too fast!


A lunch of fresh bagels and out to the art supply store to buy special markers, then on to the Marina Green where we flew a kite. First time in a long time and thoroughly delightful! Watching that kite climb to the skies as the string rolled out to the end, touching some deep human desire to fly free minus the Icarus danger of burning up and falling. It was enough to feel connected through the thin string, to which we later attached small pieces of paper with a bit of Scotch tape and watched them ascend to meet the kite. Nearby a man was flying his kite with two strings and performing some stunning acrobatics as the kite twisted and turned and looped and spiraled. 


Back home to help Zadie notate a little piano piece she had spontaneously composed (lovely!) and then I played piano while she drew a stunning picture with her new markers. Then meet Tita (Aunt Talia) and after a perfect dinner, we all walked up to Irving Street to the Foghorn Taproom to see the Warriors defeat the Celtics despite a rare less-than-stellar game by Steph Curry (Wiggins stepped up!). Art, music, cooking, sports— a good beginning to the visit!


But the kite flying was the highlight. When was the last time you flew one? Try it!

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