Monday, June 27, 2022

"Stop! In the Name of Love…

… before you break my heart” sang Diana Ross and the Supremes over half-a-century ago, sending a message into the future to another group of Supremes. But those Supremes didn't get the message. Or rather, blatantly and shamelessly ignored it. Even in the face of polls showing overwhelming support for Roe Vs. Wade, those who voted to overturn it turned their back on, closed their eyes to, transgressed against the founding principle of a government “of the people, by the people, for the people.” Or at least defined "people" as any group of sub-humans wanting to bomb the moral arc of justice back to the Stone Age of their brainwashed beliefs. To turn the clock back on progress made by women, by people of color, by gay people, to finally be included in the group called “people,” only to see their children about to grow up with less rights than they had yesterday. 


What’s next? Repeal gay marriage? Interracial marriage? (How will you vote on that, Clarence Thomas?) While we’re at it, don’t you think it’s time for Jim Crow to come back? Or heck, why not slavery? That was a pretty good deal for our economic bottom line. 


My silence since that decision is not complicity, but yet again—and again and again— my thought-numbing astonishment in having to read the next chapter in the book “Lowering the Bar," an epic novel with a plot that any editor would dismiss as uncredible, but now is a best-seller and rivals Tolstoy’s War and Peace in length (deleting the “Peace.”). In the face of yet again being too stunned, shocked, dumbfounded, flabbergasted, to try to say something that has not yet been said to shed light on this sacrilege, I defer to all my Facebook friends sharings below. Thank goodness for such responses of collective outrage, but yet again, why aren’t we marching into the Supreme Court, not in Capitol Insurrection style, but more like a group of friends’ intervention fiercely insisting that they cannot leave until they hear the story of every pregnant woman who has been raped, every mistress of a politician who had their problem “taken care of,” every parent of a child who they birthed wanted or unwanted only to have them gunned down in a school shooting. 


At any rate, read the below. My only comment is” What they said.”

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