Thursday, June 2, 2022


I hopped on my bicycle to help out for concert preparations at the school where I’m mentoring and five minutes into the 15 minute ride, realized I forgot my phone. Should I go back to get it and come to class a bit later? Do I need it in the next three hours? A moment’s pause and it was clear, “No, I don’t.”


After two classes, my colleague and I went down the street to have lunch and he suddenly realized, “Darn! I left my phone at the school.!” I confessed that I had left mine at home and he commented, “We’re naked!” And truth be told, and sadly, it felt a bit like that. Like the phone was some essential clothing item that covered our vulnerability. 


Wouldn’t it be a good idea for the whole culture to agree that at least one day a week, no one use their phone or have it with them?” I suggested. Without missing a beat, he rejoined;


“Yeah, the Jews thought of that a few thousand years ago. It’s called the Sabbath.”



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