Monday, September 12, 2022

Chimes of Belonging

Throughout each day, little ringing chimes remind us that we are needed.


That someone, somewhere, is thinking of us, 

         needs us, 

                 wants us,

                        for one thing or another. 



Perhaps we hope this one will be the book publishing offer, 

         the invitation to coffee that will brighten our day,

                the secret love finally daring to speak to us out loud, 


Throughout the day, that tiny spark of anticipation 

     carried in high C dings, lifts our hopes 

                and then shuts them down, as we are asked 

                   for the 1,000th time if we approve of the President 

                       or begged to donate money 

                              or reminded about our dentist appointment we’d rather not go to.


Yet hope springs eternal— Ding!

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