Monday, September 26, 2022

Judgment Day

We all would prefer to be accepted rather than judged. Yes?


Well, good luck with that! While I agree that this is the endgame (and one which so few reach), along the way we’re judging people left and right, up and down, inside and out, in every encounter. While we’re smiling and saying hello or talking to them about the weather, we’re secretly thinking, “You’re really wearing that outfit?” “Looks like you’ve put on a little weight.” “You like that song?!!” “Wait, hold on! WHO did you vote for??!!!”


We all think the world would be so much better if everyone thought like us and acted like us and believed what we do and reacted to situations the way that we do. What is wrong with them that they don’t?!! Come on, admit it! I’m sure you have these same thoughts!


The particular things we judge people on says a lot about our own character and our own issues. This one’s too energetic, that one’s too lethargic, this one never smiles, that one seems like they’ve pasted on a fake have-a-nice-day smile. And so on.


So here I confess that one of my judging points that drives me crazy is people who don’t answer e-mails. Or wait five days to answer. As a mostly within- 24-hour- responder myself, I often feel frustrated with people who I’m waiting to hear from. Especially when it comes to confirming a workshop that I need to buy plane tickets for. This is my present reality as the clock is ticking for certain flight bookings and some people organizing my workshops are waffling in the “maybe so” land, a place I can’t be if I front the money for a long plane trip, show up and there’s no class. Or if they cancel a class that was intricately woven into the workshop itinerary I created from that assumption. 


Meanwhile, I’m assaulted with five e-mails a day asking if I approve of President Biden. “Didn’t I just fill out ‘Yes’ an hour ago? Trust me, nothing has changed. Instead of bugging me, can you set up a workshop in Galicia?"


We’ll see how that goes.

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