Thursday, September 15, 2022

The Power of a Single Letter

Genuine change often feels daunting, requiring a whole new vocabulary to change what doesn’t work to what does, shift sorrow to happiness, exclusion to inclusion. But sometimes transformation is as close as a shift of a single letter. Consider these examples:


Toxic/ Tonic:We can use our powers to continue toxic attitudes and practices or shift them to offer up a healing tonic.


• Soul/ Soil: We can bring the full measure of our soul into our actions or soil the enterprise with our narrow and dirty small self.


• Belonging/ Belongings: We can work to both create our own surety of belonging to this world and invite others to feel that they belong or waste our time simply gathering belongings.


• Mind/Mine: We can pay attention, pay mind to the wonders around us, take care of them as we mind the store— or simply rampage around grabbing things of the shelf chanting “Mine! Mine! Mine!”


• Eternal/ External: We can lower ourselves down into the soothing waters of the present moment and feel our connection with the eternal or treat the world as wholly outside of ourselves, an external backdrop for our puny human drama.


• Celebrate/ Celibate: Take your pick. But keep in mind the dour faces and stiff bodies of the Puritans. 


Add your own pairs below.


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