Saturday, January 14, 2023

Farewell to Adelaide

“I traveled ‘round Australia on Highway Number 1

I traveled ‘round Australia, just to have some fun, 

And when I got to Hobart, I stopped to see someone…”

If you were ever in my 5-year-old music class, I can imagine you singing along with this dance song by a group called The Shenanigans. How often I joyfully danced around Australia, from Sydney to Brisbane to Darwin to Perth to Adelaide to Hobart to Melbourne— and here I am traveling in real time (though in the air) from Sydney to Adelaide to Hobart, where I have just arrived. New territory for me, the 6thof the above 7 cities (still haven’t been to Darwin) and already noting the hilly streets and old buildings and more temperate climate. But before settling in here, a quick farewell to Adelaide and appreciation for some of its character— though some of the below can be found other places in Australia as well. In no particular order, some appreciations:

• The Beach: Lovely temperature, nice sand, mild waves and sunsets.

• Ice Cream: Lots of it and very, very good. On the day I left, there was an entire Ice Cream Festival!

• Free:  Public phones, many buses, city-wide Wifi, bikes, museums. So generous!

• Animal life: Much more than I actually saw, but magpies and flying foxes, yes! 

• Beer: Lots of it, but the IPA craze doesn’t seem to have hit town yet. 

• Urinal: No little walls for privacy. Just in case you wondered.

• Posh: Word on the street is that South Australia was the only territory not populated by convicts back in the early days of colonialism. Thus, some regional pride and a more English accent.

Had I not spent most of my time in the music conference, I’m sure I would have uncovered more. For now, just these little snapshots and now in a quaint old hotel about to explore the neighborhood.

Photos to come.

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