Tuesday, January 10, 2023

The ABC's

…of Education: A Primer for Schools to Come, sells the least copies of all my books and yet, in my humble opinion, deserves the most. It’s a case of trying to appeal to teachers of all subject, but the place where I have planted my teacher flag is in the music field and it needs a boost of publicity that doesn’t just come by itself. I’ve often thought I should hire a publicist, as well as a bookkeeper, Podcast assistant, technology consultant, but all of that just becomes yet more daunting items on my ever-growing list. So I slog along trying to keep up and do what I can to keep the extensions of my work visible and available. 

But besides the ideas of the book, I like the format of frolicking through the field of 26 different options, the focus the alphabet gives. So imagine my delight when in response to the Squeaker of the House finally getting voted in after 15 tries, pizza bribery and a physical brawl, Hakeem Jeffries made an inspired speech while handing over the gavel and illuminated his own 26-letter list of what good government looks like and what this country— or any country— sorely needs. Enjoy and do what you can to fold it into your New Year’s Resolutions, tipping the moral scales always toward the first of the pair.

American values over autocracy. 

Benevolence over bigotry. 

The Constitution over the cult. 

Democracy over demagogues. 

Economic opportunity over extremism. 

Freedom over fascism!

Governing over gaslighting. 

Hopefulness over hatred. 

Inclusion over isolation. 

Justice over judicial overreach. 

Knowledge over kangaroo courts. 

Liberty over limitation.

Maturity over Mar-a-Lago. 

Normalcy over negativity. 

Opportunity over obstruction. 

People over politics. 

Quality of life issues over Q-Anon. 

Reason over racism. 

Substance over slander. 

Triumph over tyranny. 

Understanding over ugliness. 

Voting rights over voter suppression. 

Working families over the well-connected. 

Xenial over xenophobia. 

“Yes we can” over “You can’t do it.” 

And — Zealous representation over zero-sum confrontation.


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