Thursday, February 9, 2023

Horton and Me

“I meant what I said and I said what I meant.

An elephant’s faithful, one hundred per cent!”


 I woke up this morning thinking about Horton sitting on that egg. All the eggs that I have sat on for so long, never sure which one was actually mine, but nevertheless, persisting. The years come and go —so many years!—and there I still am, through all seasons and weather, still perched on those varied nests wondering what will hatch and when. For example:


• 65 years playing piano.

• 51 years teaching music, sitting zazen meditation and living in San Francisco.

• 49 years with my wife, 44 of those married.

• 45 years teaching at The San Francisco School.

• 44 years giving Orff workshops, 40 going to National Orff Conferences.

• 42 years as a parent.

• 40 years living in my current home, leading neighborhood Christmas caroling and doing a ritual New Year’s walk with two other families.

• 39 years as a published author (articles), 26 years (books). 

• 33 years with the Men’s Group and teaching Orff courses internationally.

• 31 years teaching the summer Orff Levels Course and Jazz Course. 

• 15 years playing piano at The Jewish Homme for the Aged.

• 12 years with the Pentatonics Jazz Band.


Longevity and stubborn perseverance seems to be my life story. You would think that time would reap such glorious rewards that I would become a spiritually enlightened Buddhist, virtuoso piano player, best-selling author, a perfect husband and father and friend and a teacher who touched the heart and soul of every student I’ve ever encountered. 


Of course, you would be wrong.


But nevertheless, I persist. And happily so. Horton and me. 

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